Coutellerie Nontronnaise is the heiress of a timeless expertise. It is part of the landscape of French regional knives. The Nontron knife is the oldest french knife that inspired many legends. Dating back to the dawn of time, this knife is recognisable with its shape and its distinctive wood burned symbol.

Considered as an everyday tool, true companion to every meal, the Nontron knife is the pride of an entire region and acts as a passport for the people belonging to a territory. Coutellerie Nontronnaise products are more than just knives, they are the defence of French manufacturing, a proud heritage of hand craft and know-how.

Paying tribute to original knives, the traditional range includes both pocket knives and tabletop models.


  • Pocket knives

    COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE® pocket knives sold online are available with numerous material.

    The blades are forged from French steels. Traditional pocket knives are made of a blade and a turning ferrule that allows to block the blade in open position. These pocket knives made in France have sculpted handles that are available with different elegant and refined shapes: clog, ball or double ferrule handles. We also manufacture reproduction of antique models, true tribute to former cutlemen.

    It's also possible to customize your Nontron knife by engraving your name on the blade.

    Find the pinnacle of French cutlery on the COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE online store .

  • Tabletop

    A meal is a time of sharing. To embellish this exceptional moment and enjoy everyday life, the Coutellerie Nontronnaise offers a complete tabletop range that is a real evocation of its philosophy: simple and original, stylish and bearer of this deep authenticity that makes the charm of the oldest French cutlery.

    The COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE® tabletop range includes various steak knives, complete cutlery sets, accessories as well as many items to cut, season, spread...

    All these sets are handmade in our workshop located in Nontron Périgord from carefully selected materials.

  • Accessories

    Essential tools in everyday life, these accessories allow you to protect and maintain your Nontron knife.