Pocket knives 

COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE® pocket knives sold online are available with numerous material.

The blades are forged from French steels. Traditional pocket knives are made of a blade and a turning ferrule that allows to block the blade in open position. These pocket knives made in France have sculpted handles that are available with different elegant and refined shapes: clog, ball or double ferrule handles. We also manufacture reproduction of antique models, true tribute to former cutlemen.

It's also possible to customize your Nontron knife by engraving your name on the blade.

Find the pinnacle of French cutlery on the COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE online store .


  • Woodburned boxwood

    These traditional models have a woodburned boxwood handle. Boxwood is dried in open air for at least four years before being worked. Each traditional handle is hand-shaped from 40 to 50 year old boxwood and hand decorated with ancient wood burned figures. Over time, a boxwood handle develops a pleasing amber patina distinguishing it from all other knives

  • Reissue of antique models

    Paying tribute to the greatest knife makers who made the story of Nontron knife, the COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE reissues some of their original models in compliance in respect of their methods and skills.

  • Precious woods - not...

    The COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE selected several wooden species. We use local species (certified by environmental charter) such as juniper or boxwood. Other handles are made from olivewood or ebony. Each wood is carefully selected, sawed and shaped by hand.

  • Tattoo

    Christian Ghion, Artistic Director of COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE and always on the look out for modernity, created this collection of knives: the "Tattoo".

    Tribal or "Maori" calligraphy , inspired by Japan and Arabic world, who cares! These patterns are laser engraved on both sides of the boxwood handle. Close to the ferrule, the double row of woodburned dots draws a second reminder of the traditional codes.

    Graphic, aesthetic, appealing, steeped in tradition and totally in tune with the spirit of our contemporaries, "Tatoo" knife is to offer as a secret or as a promise.

  • Marquetry

    The COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE continues its process of "reinterpretation" with these marquetry models. Balanced and harmonious, these models are very attractive variations of the traditional Nontron knife.