Several famous French designers and architects reinterprated the traditional Nontron knife to give to this object a modern appearance with pure and elegant lines. Men or women, from France or elsewhere, all of them reinterprated the mythical blades to give a contemporaneous version of these exceptional objects.

Today, the COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE is famous worldwide for its exceptional products .

The entire designed collection is sold on the online webshop of the COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE.


  • Christian Ghion

    Artistic director of the Coutellerie Nontronnaise, Christian Ghion has created many collections that combine traditional know-how and modernity.

  • Olivier Gagnère

    Olivier Gagnère is the first designer to create his own version of France’s oldest knife - the Nontron knife. The combination of Coutellerie Nontronnaise’s know-how and the creativity of the designer gave birth to these stunning table knives.

    These knives perpetuate tradition whilst adding sophistication. With their curved shape, elegance of black and white colours with a metal inlay, these ancient French knives have metamorphosed into contemporary objects d’art.

    A collector to discover on Coutellerie Nontronnaise webshop.

  • Eric Raffy

    « Melt the antique and ancestral inheritance of Nontron knives with present times and its future. From now on, this mysterious alchemy of the time is metamorphosing this legendary knife, providing to this knife its unique strenght and elegance. To whom will know how to perceive it… ». Eric Raffy.

    Eric Raffy, architect and designer, perpetuates tradition whilstadding sophistication, preserving the traditional sage leaf , but metamorphosing the handle.